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Next Club Meeting

Unless otherwise announced, the club meets at 7pm on the third Thursday of every month at Jr. Wilson’s Sportsmen’s Club, 3875 Bates Road, Medina, NY

October 15

Nomination of 2021 Club Officers

September 2020 Newsletter

Our last club meeting was held on August 20th with 3 members present.  Due to the low attendance no official club business was conducted.

On August 29th we held our 5th point tournament of 2020 on Sodus Bay.  Mike Clark won his 5th club tournament with a 5 bass limit weighing in at 11# 12.  Dave Heschke had the tournament lunker, a largemouth weighing 3# 15.  The weather was not an issue (weather man was wrong again), but the fishing was.  Terrific job Mike and Dave!!

Ernie Brabon regained the lead in the AOY point standings before drops with 66# 08.  There are still 5 members with drop weights. 

Butch Clark continues to lead for LOY with a 5# 08 smallmouth. 

Upcoming events:

September 12: 

Point Tournament #6 on the Lower Niagara River out of the Ft. Niagara launch.  Please note that tournament hours change to 7am-3pm beginning with this tournament. 

September 26:

2020 Classic:  Site to be drawn after Lower Niagara River tournament.  Hours are 7am (or safe light)-3pm.  Mandatory $30 entry fee: $25 to one total weight prize (winner takes all) and $5 to one Lunker Prize.

Immediately following weight in at the Lower Niagara River, the Top Ten anglers from the 2020 AOY standings will be determined and qualify for the 2020 Classic.  The qualifiers will then submit their choice for the site of the 2020 Classic.  A random draw will then take place to determine the site of the Classic.  Once the site is drawn and announced it goes off limits to all Classic qualifiers until the morning of the Classic on September 26.  The winner of the Classic will also receive the club’s Classic Fund which presently stands at $180.

The 5# Pool for the Lower Niagara River is $202.  If a 5# bass is not weighed in at the Lower Niagara River, the $202 carries over to 2021.

Our next club meeting is Thursday, September 17, 7pm at Jr. Wilson’s.

Let the games conclude!!



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